"OMG, that is stunning!!!! Even better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much. She is going to love it xxxx"

Jennifer (Hills) Greene  | Co-Managing Director Globe | Universal Music Group

'Will We Talk In The Morning’ | Special Commission - Jan 2023

"We love the illustration (you are very talented) so it was perfect for this project”

Sarah Coonan | Managing Director Of Retail | Liberty London

Liberty London Men’s Advent Calendar | Product design Illustration - 2021, 2022, 2023

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"We love it... You answered the brief perfectly. This illustration is going to work so well with our 'Hall Of Fame Campaign', thank you so much."

Emma Fowler | Managing Editor | Liberty London | UK


"Trish thank you SO much for the print. We absolutely love it. It will hang in pride of place above my desk! We are so pleased to feature your amazing drawing of our beautiful store, it really captures that Liberty magic"

Katie Hall | Head Of Digital Trade | Liberty London | UK

Liberty London Heritage | Special Commission - 2019

"We met with Trish on a number of occasions.  We loved her passion and her enthusiasm. Trish is a genius as she always finds a way to utilised her 'hidden gems' concept  in every project she undertakes. She did exactly that for our campaign." 


Cyril Mynett | Monitoring Officer | Chelsea & Westminster Hospital | UK

#21 Elephants - Recycling Campaign | Permanent Wall Mural, Merchandise & Apparel - 2021

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"You are a fabulous creative genius and I look forward to working with you on many new projects…"

Mr Paul Latham | (Former) CEO | Live Nation Music | UK

'Race Horse C.O.D - Colour Pop' | Special Commission - 2017

“Take a bow Trish Freitas-Berris - Artist Extraordinaire. I had wanted to create something by which to remember my Dad. The end result is something so supremely special to me, surpassing anything I could have ever imagined."

Jenn Nimmo-Smith | Director /Publicist | Electric Shores PR

‘Oneness with Memories and Music’ Special Commission - 2018

"I absolutely love what you have created. There are so many hidden gems Paddy is going to be shocked when he sees it. Thank you so much for this original piece"

Jennifer (Hills) Greene  | Co-Managing Director Globe | Universal Music Group | UK


"Wow! As always, a pleasure Trish. You have created another masterpiece. Well done you!! It hangs in pride of place in Liam Latham's memorabilia..."

Paul Latham | [Former] CEO |  Live Nation Music | UK

'We Will Rock You’ | Special Commission - 2018

“Trish’s work is truly exceptional. The logos she has crafted for me not only capture the essence of my business but also deeply resonate with our target audience."

Tracey Jones | Founder /CEO | Tracey Jones Life

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"Trish it's brilliant - thanks so much. Can't wait to see it in the flesh. Thank you again for capturing what I was reaching for. It's stunning."

Harriet Tyce | Best Selling Author of 'Blood Orange' | London

‘Blood Orange Blossom - Phoenix - The Transformation" | Special Commission - 2018

"This is not Just a drawing of a building.  It is a lifetime of memories captured in still life! Well done Trish!”

Clair Cooper | Head Of VP Marketing Partnerships | Chris O'Donnell | VP Marketing Partnerships | Live Nation Music | UK

'The Toucan Bar - Soho - London - P.L Pure Genius' | Special Commission - 2018

"Trish was a real pleasure to collaborate with and I would recommend her to anyone that's looking for a piece of art to inspire and surprise the mind.  Thank you so much."

Michelle Powell | Head Of Media | Telegraph Media Group | London | UK

'Scotland's National Animal is a Unicorn’ | Personalisation of Limited Edition Print - 2019

"What an amazing artwork and what an impressive list of hidden gems - THANK YOU. Your piece of art is everything (and more!) than I had imagined it would be. I am so happy with how it’s all come together and how you’ve managed to inject every little detail in to the 'big picture’ so perfectly. Truly the best birthday gift for a guy who has everything!"

Kristina Kris | Private Client

‘Riding The Wave Of Your Life’ | Special Commission - 2021

"Trish what you have created is absolutely amazing, better than I could've ever imagined. Im so pleased and Ellie will be flabbergasted!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

Feedback from Ellie: What can I say... I cried when I saw it!!! Trish it is unbelievable you have once again excelled yourself! I absolutely love your work and now I have my own personalised piece! Thank you so so much!"

Toby Clarke | Private Client

‘It’s A Wonderful Life - Metallic’ | Special Commission - 2022

"What a wonderful way to honour the Anniversary of our 30 years in business. We are over the moon with your beautiful work. So many 'hidden gems' that have real meaning to us over the years. This masterpiece will sit centre stage in our salon. Thank you so much Trish.

Ellie Clarke | Private Client

The Crest Of Success Annie O'Hair [ 1990 -2020 ] | SPECIAL COMMISSION - 2020

Cyril Mynett | Private Client

This illustration is absolutely stunning, and it's filled with so many delightful 'hidden gems'! I'm especially impressed by the clever inclusion of a baby elephant nestled within the mother elephant. It's like a treasure hunt, the more we look, the more we discover. We're truly in love with it. So much symbolism. Thank you so much!

Love & Growth through the generations | SPECIAL COMMISSION - 2019

"Amazing Well done!!! Trish Freitas-Berris thank you so much for your commissioned art work!!!! The piece is called Courage 'Tiger' and has very special meanings for my wonderfully brave late wife Kate Palmer!!!!"

Russell Palmer | Private Client

‘Kate Courage’ | Special Commission - 2016

"Trish has a completely unique way of approaching her commissions; my husband and I were asked to complete a questionnaire which sought to understand us as individuals and as a couple; Trish then took this information and transformed it into a completely unique and awe-inspiring piece of artwork. Trish took our firm family favourite; the pineapple, and hid other objects that are special to us within the drawing. The more you look, the more you see. This incredibly personal piece of art sits at the top of our stairs; everyone who visits loves looking at it and discovers more each time then look. Trish is an incredibly talented person who radiates positivity - which oozes out of her work."

Meghan Talbot | Private Client

'The Pineapple" | special commission - 2017

“Trish your vision of ‘The Tree Of Life’ captures the essence of the African savannah in such a breathtaking way. It’s exactly what I was trying to visualise. Every time I look at it, I discover something new. All hidden gems animals really bring the tree to life. I couldn't be happier with it, thank you so much!”

Una Doyle | Private Client


"Oh wow! Its more than I could have hoped for! You have really captured the symbolism of a 'New Chapter' in my life! I love the movement and all the 'hidden gems', it's perfect for my full body tattoo design! Thank you so much Trish!"

Rebecca Richings | Private Client

'Raising Pheonix - Re-Writing A New Life Chapter" - tattoo design - 2018

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