London-based illustrator, Trish Freitas-Berris is the creative force behind her 'Perception Art' brand, Curiosity Snug®. Her artistic journey began with a foundation course at Telford College in Edinburgh, followed by enrolment at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth University. Graduating in 2000 with top honours and a prestigious first-class degree in 3-D Integrated Design.

Trish moved to London and reached new heights during her tenure at Live Nation, where she dedicated over a decade to the company. Within the Marketing Partnerships division, she honed her skills and fostered close relationships with a diverse array of clients/partners.

In 2010, the arrival of her son -inspired Trish to make a bold career move. It was this beautiful catalyst that changed everything. Leaving Live Nation behind, Trish embarked on a new journey to pursue her true passion: Illustration.

Thus, Curiosity Snug® was born. A world infused with Trish's deep love for 'Perception Art'.

Today, Trish warmly invites you to explore Curiosity Snug®. A realm where creativity knows no bounds. Each artwork serves as an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the fascinating depths of perception.  

“You know, there's something about creating art for Curiosity Snug® that just lights me up inside. Whether I'm sketching out those bold lines for my abstract line art or meticulously crafting tiny dots with my fine ink work, it's like I enter this whole other world. I believe some of my best work happens when the rest of the world is asleep. There's this magic that comes with the quiet of the night. It's like I can tap into these hidden treasures that snugly fit into the artwork, making it feel they were always meant for each other and for each person who lays their eyes on it.

When I'm in the zone, nothing can stop me. It's like creativity takes over and my heart races with excitement. I could keep going for hours, losing track of time altogether. There's just something so fulfilling about making ‘Perception Art’. It sparks a reaction in people, that gets them thinking or feeling something they didn't expect.

You might wonder why I pour so much of myself into my art, why I'm so passionate about it. Well, it's simple really. I believe that everyone deserves to experience a bit of 'Curiosity' in their life. It's that feeling of wonder and excitement that keeps us going, that makes life so much more interesting. And my art? I believe it's like a gateway to that world of curiosity. It starts conversations, challenges perceptions, and reminds us that there's always more beneath the surface if we're willing to look for it. And that, is why I do what I do.” 

Trish Freitas-Berris


    In my world of art, ‘curiosity’ and ‘perception’ are almost made or each other. They team up to shake things up, making you question what you see. Helping us to dive deeper into the hidden gems of life. 

  • WHY SNUG?​

    The term 'Snug' not only evokes feelings of safety and coziness, like being in your own bubble, which perfectly aligns with my art. It emphasises just how every 'hidden gem' fits seamlessly, snug as a bug. each gem snugly nestled into place, waiting for you to uncover its magic!

The unique, abstract line and fine ink illustrations are like virtual bell jars holding secrets for you to find.  Hidden gems to be discovered making these multi-dimensional drawings so engaging.  Just remember to look out for the "AHA!" icon in the bottom right hand corner of each illustration to give you a clue as to how many hidden gems the artist can see.