Bespoke Commissions

Our bespoke Curiosity Snug® commission service offers the flexibility of featuring up to 20 hidden gems.  Each unique artwork is adorned with sentimental hidden gems, crafted to reflect that event / milestone, or special someone.  Work with Trish, no commission is too big or too small, and receive your custom illustration in just 2-3 weeks, delivering a heartfelt gift brimming with love and personal touches.. Check out more examples here.

Logo Design

Experience our logo design service, guaranteed to include our signature 'hidden gem' stamp. Your brand will be perfectly represented, with brand meaning, symbolism. and identity. See additional logo design examples in our clients section here.

Brand Collaborations

The brand collaboration service, where every campaign/project is infused with hidden gems. We specialise in crafting unique designs that captivate audiences, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to each collaboration. Let us bring your brand's story to life with our signature Curiosity Snug® stamp, ensuring that every project shines with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. To see these projects in more detail go to our clients section here.

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