NHS and ISS work together to reduce waste with #21 Elephants - Recycling Campaign

NHS and ISS work together to reduce waste with #21 Elephants - Recycling Campaign


In 2021, the Chelsea and Westminster hospital NHS Foundation Trust Estates embarked on a recycling project aimed at revolutionising waste management within the hospital. Spearheading this initiative, the department sought innovative ways to minimise waste production. Collaborating with ISS, waste contractors, they envisioned a future-focused strategy to effectively communicate their message to a broader audience.

Recognising the power of children's voices, the team engaged with the children from  local schools and the Community Hospital School. Through interactive sessions, the children contributed invaluable insights, leading to the birth of the #21Elephants campaign. This catchy hashtag symbolised the staggering monthly waste output of the hospital, equating to approximately 128.6 tonnes, or the weight of 21 African elephants.

To bring this concept to life, the department enlisted the expertise of renowned artist Trish Freitas-Berris, known for her captivating and impactful designs. Trish was tasked with creating a comprehensive visual identity for the campaign, including a permanent wall mural, posters, flyers, and merchandise. Drawing inspiration from the children's input, Trish seamlessly integrated their ideas into her designs, infusing the project with a sense of community and purpose.

Throughout the collaboration, Trish's passion and creativity shone through, earning praise for her ability to harness the campaign's essence and translate it into visually stunning artworks. Her unique approach, characterised by the incorporation of "hidden gems," added depth and intrigue to the mural, captivating not only the Trust community but also garnering widespread attention within the larger community.

The impact of Trish's artwork was profound, sparking conversations and raising awareness about waste management and sustainability. The campaign's success was further underscored by its recognition as a finalist in the Engagement Marketing Campaign of the Year category at the prestigious 2021 EDIE Sustainability Leaders Awards.

A Testimonial from: Cyril Mynett | Monitoring Officer | Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Estates & Facilities Directorate

"The Trust were looking at ways to improve how they managed the amount of waste they were producing with in the hospital.  As the lead for the Estates and Facilities Department it was my job to look at reduction.

Chatting to a couple of our waste contractors we started to think of the future and what we could do help to reduce waste. Looking at how we could get our message across to the wider audience. That’s when we thought about Children at the Community Hospital School; because people listen to children more than adults. Having carried out a short presentation to the children they helped us come up with the concept of #21 elephants, because the weight of 21 African elephants was close to the amount of waste the hospital produced per month 128.6 tonnes. 
I commissioned Trish Freitas-Berris to draw an elephant for me in the past and love her work. We invited Trish in and presented her with our concept. Her brief was to design a permenant wall mural, posters, flyers, and merchendise to generate interest for the campaign.  I had seen different commissions she had produced for other companies such as Live Nation etc.  It was decided that a couple of schools would take part in making or drawing elephants to be used within the concept design.  We met with Trish on a number of occasions.  We loved her passion and her enthusiasm. She is a genius as she always finds a way to utilised her 'hidden gems' concept  in every project she undertakes. She did exactly that for our campaign.  She produced an inspiring mural from the children’s elephants which has created a tremendous amount of interest within the community not just the Trust.
The impact the mural has had in improving peoples vision with the design and use of tools at her disposal has been incredible.  We would definitely utilise her skills again and I would gladly recommend Trish’s company 'Curiosity Snug'  to future clients. You only have to look at her work to appreciate how talented she is.  Trish Freitas-Berris will bring a unique edge to any business looking to create an engaging campaign. Trish is a highly competent, calm and creative person that can help any campaign reach the top.  The Trust will be inviting Trish to work on future projects."
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