The Privilege of Designing Logos for Award-Winning Life Coach Tracey Jones.

The Privilege of Designing Logos for Award-Winning Life Coach Tracey Jones.

At Curiosity Snug®, we consider it a great privilege to collaborate with remarkable individuals who are making a positive impact in the world. One such individual is Tracey Jones, an award-winning life coach, whose dedication to empowering others is truly inspiring. We've had the honour of designing logos for Tracey and her two parent coaching companies, Chrysalis Mindset and Tracey Jones Life, and each project has been a testament to her vision and commitment to excellence.

From the moment Tracey entrusted Trish with the task of creating logos for her businesses, we knew it was a special opportunity. As a life coach, Tracey's work is deeply personal and transformative, and we wanted to ensure that her logos reflected the essence of her mission.

For Chrysalis Mindset, we aimed to capture the concept of transformation and growth. We played with imagery of a chrysalis evolving into a butterfly, symbolising the journey of personal development and empowerment that Tracey facilitates for her clients. The result was a logo that exuded warmth, positivity, and possibility, of course with the symbolism of communication and the importance of speaking up, so it was perfect to hidden the profile faces to the design.

Similarly, for Tracey Jones Life, we wanted to convey the idea of life unfolding and embracing new possibilities. We incorporated element of movement to represent the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of life coaching. The final logo captured the essence of Tracey's approach – holistic, empowering, and deeply resonant. Of course with the initials T, J, L cleverly intertwined within the swirl.

Throughout the design process, Tracey's trust and collaboration were invaluable. She provided valuable insights and feedback, ensuring that the final logos authentically represented her vision and values. It was a true partnership built on mutual respect and shared goals.

Seeing our logos come to life on Tracey's website and promotional materials was immensely gratifying. Knowing that our designs would be associated with Tracey's impactful work filled Trish with pride and gratitude.
This logo above symbolises the looking up, and having hope for the bright start in life that can experience. The 'A' symbolising the eye, but also a piece of the pie.
Working with Tracey Jones has been an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. Her dedication to helping others transform their lives is nothing short of inspiring, and we feel privileged to have played a small part in supporting her mission.
This logo above symbolises moving onwards and upwards, The 'G' symbolising the arrow, moving you in the right direction, reaching the peak of the mountain or wave.
As Tracey continues to empower and uplift others, we look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate and create together. This is what Tracey had to say....
"Trish's work is truly exceptional. The logos she has crafted for me not only capture the essence of my business but also deeply resonate with our target audience. Her creativity, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail shine through every step of the design process. Trish has a unique ability to guide you on a journey, prompting you to reflect on what truly matters for your brand. I admire the hidden gems and meaningful details she incorporates into her designs, adding a personal touch that is both significant to the business and to me as an individual."
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