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Personalised Animal Sofa Sculpture®

Personalised Animal Sofa Sculpture®

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Our Personalised Animal ‘Sofa Sculpture®’ cushions are designed to surprise and amaze you or your special someone.

Choose up to 10 hidden gems that have sentimental meaning. Find them beautifully placed within the animal design. This special design will reflect the essence of your special bond.

Not only do these 'Sofa Sculptures' make great sentimental keepsakes, but their 3-D effect will become an eye candy focal point in any room. It's the ultimate conversation piece with friends & family.

To get started, complete the two questions, and complete your order. Perception artist Trish Freitas-Berris will contact you directly via email. Trish will provide you with the Curiosity Snug® Animal Sofa Sculpture® questionnaire. This questionnaire will help you select which gems you want added/hidden within the design.

To help create the 3-D illusion all Sofa Sculpture® animals will be illustrated & designed in an upright / front-facing position.

Trish will work from your upright, front-facing reference photos. They can be supplied/attached and added to the completed questionnaire email.  The process will take approx 2/3 weeks from receipt of the completed questionnaire email.

Together, let's create a unique Sofa Sculpture® that perfectly captures the spirit of your special bond. 

Made from

Sofa Sculpture® Collection

Hand made cushions.

Made In London

100% Silk Satin

Thick Luxury Velvet

Recycled Polyester filling.


Approx Size: 54cm | 29cm | 12cm


Dry Clean Only - Handle With Love & Care

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