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Curiosity Snug

Labrador 'Molly Dog' Sofa Sculpture®

Labrador 'Molly Dog' Sofa Sculpture®

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Labrador 'Molly Dog' is a luxury soft art sculpture. This luxury soft art sculpture is a conversation piece for any living space. This piece looks stunning and can form part of your art collection or stand-alone.  The Sofa Sculpture® will enhance your sofa, chair, or shelf.  We like to think the Sofa Sculpture® would be the ultimate piece for your living space.

Handmade, this beautifully illustrated Sofa Sculpture® was created using the pointillism technique coupled with the Curisoity Snug® trompe-l'eoil style to produce an intriguing 3D illusion. What effect will this have on you? The desire to want to look more, the more you look, the more surprised you will become as the hidden gems start to reveal themselves to you. All you have to do is relax, unwind, and take your time.


Look out for the AHA icon.  This symbol has been carefully placed on the Sofa Sculpture®. The number on the AHA icon's nose will reveal how many gems are placed on the Sofa Sculpture.

HINT: Let's just say, there are over 20 gems to find within the detail of LABRADOR 'Molly Dog' including: Flamingos, Swans, and Robins.

Made from

Sofa Sculpture® Collection

Hand made cushions.

Made In London

100% Silk Satin

Thick Luxury Velvet

Recycled Polyester filling.


Approx Size: 54cm | 29cm | 12cm


Dry Clean Only - Handle With Love & Care.

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