Pilates with Meghan: A North London Pilate Instructor's Rebranding Triumph with Curiosity Snug®

Pilates with Meghan: A North London Pilate Instructor's Rebranding Triumph with Curiosity Snug®

Hey Pilates enthusiasts and brand aficionados! I'm thrilled to take you on a logo design journey into Meghan's world. A North London-based Pilates instructor who dared to dream big and redefine her brand identity with none other than Curiosity Snug®. So, fasten your seatbelts because this story is about to get snappy!

Right from the start, Meghan envisioned her brand, Pilates with Meghan, making waves in the bustling London fitness scene. That's where I, Trish, the illustrator behind Curiosity Snug®, stepped in to turn Meghan's vision into reality.

In just three words—inspirational, personal, and professional—Meghan perfectly summed up her brand aspirations. And let me tell you, we didn't just meet those expectations; we surpassed them in style! 

Through detailed conversations and brainstorming sessions, I delved deep into Meghan's passion for Pilates, crafting a logo that not only captured the essence of Pilates with Meghan but also cleverly nodded to a signature Pilates move.

As Meghan explored the array of potential concept designs, each logo filled with hidden gem meanings, she found herself on a rollercoaster of excitement and anticipation. It was like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning—full of surprises and endless possibilities.

But it wasn't just about the end result; it was about the journey. Meghan savoured every moment of the design process, fuelled by my infectious enthusiasm and boundless creativity.

And when the dust settled, and Meghan laid eyes on her final logo, she was overwhelmed with pride and identity. With Curiosity Snug® by her side, Meghan had transformed her brand from a mere concept into a vibrant and captivating presence in the Pilates world.

Testimonial from: Meghan Talbot | Body Control Pilates Teacher | London
"If I had to describe my experience of working with Trish in three words, they would be; inspirational, personal and professional.  From the very first conversation Trish sought to understand my brand and translated this appreciation into the creative process.  I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the design process and was completely blown-away by Trish's designs and ideas.  The brief was to create a logo for my company, Pilates with Meghan; initially we discussed my hopes and aspirations for my brand as well as colour palettes and key words that I associated with my business, Trish then took these away and worked her magic. I received multiple bespoke designs, each of which she talked me through in detail; this part was especially fun - seeing your brand come alive is exciting enough in itself, but to be on that journey with someone who is so talented and truly passionate about the design element makes it even more enjoyable.  I chose my favourite two designs and these were then further developed - leading to my decision on the final logo.  I am absolutely delighted with my logo and feel a genuine sense of pride each time I see it. Trish took three words and transformed them into an incredibly clever logo which completely embodies my brand and a Pilates move!  I cannot recommend Trish highly enough." 
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